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If you ask some expert mobile phone reviewers about a phone-buying guide advice, they’d tell you not to be a cheapskate. With mobile phones becoming like our extra limb, it makes perfect sense to invest in a high-end phone instead. Not only are high-end handsets more powerful performance-wise but they tend to have longer lasting quality too.  Now the question is, should you still invest in a cheap mobile phone? Like with anything else in life or with any major purchases, it really all depends on you and your preference. But as guide, here are… Read Article →


Whether you’re buying a high-end phone or a budget Smartphone, there are key considerations to keep in mind when shopping around for the best option to buy. If you’re opting for a budget mobile phone, for example, you’ll need to be extra careful with your choice. As opposed to a high-end handset, it is expected that there are compromises with cheap mobile phones when it comes to key features. It doesn’t mean that cheap phones are bad options. You just need to find the best option available in the market by considering the following key… Read Article →

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