Should You Invest in a Cheap Mobile Phone?

If you ask some expert mobile phone reviewers about a phone-buying guide advice, they’d tell you not to be a cheapskate. With mobile phones becoming like our extra limb, it makes perfect sense to invest in a high-end phone instead. Not only are high-end handsets more powerful performance-wise but they tend to have longer lasting quality too.  Now the question is, should you still invest in a cheap mobile phone?


Like with anything else in life or with any major purchases, it really all depends on you and your preference. But as guide, here are some key considerations to help you along:

How much is your budget?

Budget is often one of major considerations to think about when buying a new mobile phone. It is also the one factor that will dictate whether you should opt for a high-end handset or a cheaper one. Set your budget before you shop around. While you’re at it, you should also decide whether you’re buying the phone upfront or through a mobile phone contract with a major UK carrier. Buying it upfront means you need cash while going for a contract will hook you to a monthly fee for 24 months or longer.

What would you use the phone for?

Identifying how you will use the phone will also help with your choices. Most people, for example, are using their phones for a variety of purposes aside from calling and texting. With phones becoming more powerful and feature-packed, mobiles can now play games all day, create videos and browse the Internet on their mobile phones. Depending on how you intend to use your phone, you should look for the ideal handset that will cater to your purposes. Even if you’re buying a cheap handset, this factor should be a key consideration.

How often do you plan to change your phone?

Another key consideration is how often you plan to switch or upgrade your phone. With new releases year after year, it seems safe to assume that you’ll probably change phones after a year or two. If this is the case then buying a cheap phone for now makes sense. This is especially true if you’re on a tight budget and you just need your handset for basic uses such as calling and texting. You can always upgrade to a better phone next year anyway.


What is your credit score?

Because major carriers are likely to refuse you a mobile phone contract if you have a poor credit score, your credit history is now a major factor to consider if you’re thinking of buying a cheap mobile phone. If you have bad credit, opting for a cheap mobile phone is a smart move especially if you’re going to apply for a contract phone. You can always upgrade to a better phone and an even better bundle plan provided that you’re always paying your monthly fee on time. If you have good credit, on one hand, you can always opt for any handset you want.